Reviews - Fringe 2016

Fringe 2016 Review: (Parentheses)

By Amos Crawley
Published July 24, 2016

A parenthetical comment is an afterthought inserted in to a passage that is grammatically complete without it. The impression that the lovely and intimate performance given by Lisa Emmons and Mayumi Lashbrook tonight leaves the audience with is that so much of our existence is comprised of just that: the comments and moments that happen just outside of view, merely inches beyond our consciousness. Think of it as life and death on the margins.

The performance that I attended was bolstered by a live accompanist playing figures that would not be out of place on a late era John Fahey record and most interestingly a visual component which consisted of a slightly lagging projection of the evening's performance on the back wall of the Factory Media Centre.

The projection, along with the shadows of the dancers layered behind the actual real time performance, added to the idea that you just may miss something that happened before your eyes-you may have missed the chance to feel something by being distracted and feeling something else. Or maybe by avoiding feeling anything at all?

Early on the movement is highlighted by the dancers almost, but not quite touching and synchronicities that don't quite line up-punctuated by falls that you don't see coming.

As the show progresses, the movement intensifies as if we (the performers and the audience, all of us within the walls of these very parenthetical walls) are getting closer to what's really going on.

In all, it's difficult and likely useless to put anything into the main part of the sentence. It's the fringes which concern us here. The show is simply waiting for you to attend.

Amos Crawley is an actor, director and acting instructor who lives in East Hamilton with his wife, actor and director Cadence Allen, and their young son.


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