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Fringe 2016 Review: The Cockwhisperer: A Love Story

By Jessica Rose
Published July 20, 2016

  • Playwright: Colette Kendall
  • Director: Colette Kendall
  • Cast: Colette Kendall
  • Warnings: Mature Content
  • Show Type: Comedy
  • Audience: Mature
  • Running Time: 65 minutes
  • "This is a cock," says The Cockwhisperer's Colette Kendall as soon as she hits the stage clutching a rubber phallus. With that, she instantly sets the tone for a humorous and energetic play billed as the "story of one woman's quest to find the love and penis of her dreams."

    The Cockwhisperer is back at the Hamilton Fringe Festival for a second year after quickly becoming a crowd favourite in 2015. Recalling Kendall's tenuous and confusing relationship with the penis, The Cockwhisperer is raunchy and rude, laced with odd bits of Canadiana. Seriously, you won't expect so many Diefenbaker and CBC references in this one!

    A word of warning: The Cockwhisperer won't be for everyone, and in all honesty, it wasn't for me. I'm no prude and I can handle a good dick joke, but 65 minutes of dick jokes leave me a little squeamish. That said, the hearty laughs coming from The Cockwhisperer's audience quickly proved I was the minority.

    Part stand-up comedy routine, part confessional, The Cockwhisperer shines a light on the many things we might think before, during, and after a romp in the sheets, but don't have the guts to share.

    Whether she's sharing the awkward moments of her first sexual encounters or poking fun at aging, Kendall's tell-it-like-it-is attitude is something worth applauding.

    Since earning a degree in journalism from Carleton University, Jessica Rose has written for publications in Hamilton and across Canada. Her book reviews have appeared in many magazines, including Quill and Quire, Room, Ricepaper, This, the Humber Literary Review, and on Jessica sits on the board of gritLIT: Hamilton's Readers and Writers Festival. She writes "Shelf Life," Hamilton Magazine's books column and she's also a senior editor for the upcoming Hamilton Review of Books. You can find her blogging on her website, Not My Typewriter, and the Hamilton Arts Council.


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