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Fringe 2016 Review: The Five Lives of Colby Carter

By Liz Enriquez
Published July 19, 2016

Walking into the Hamilton Theatre Inc. for The Five Lives of Colby Carter, the scene is simple. On stage, there are a few chairs arranged in a way reminiscent of musical chairs. The stage is dark and right away, a serious mood is implied. The basic plot becomes clear almost immediately- Colby Carter, a music agent, was in a serious car accident following her client Keith's album launch.

After receiving messages about the accident from Colby's uptight sister and PR manager, her friends trail into the hospital waiting room. With tensions high and complex dynamics, they individually recall memories of Colby.

It becomes clear that Colby, like all of us, represents something different to each person in her life.

About halfway through the show, we discover that Colby was poisoned before the car accident. A police officer interrogates each friend and the show's murder mystery plot thickens.

At this point, the comedic lines become more common as each suspect recalls the timeline of events leading up to the crash.

The Five Lives of Colby Carter is a comedic-drama and an enticing murder-mystery. Playwright and director L.M. Magalas does an excellent job at reminding the audience that each person in our lives brings out different sides of us.

Liz is an adventurer, researcher and social media maven. When she isn't researching Hamilton's labour market and working to promote women in skilled trades, she's hiking on the beautiful trails the city has to offer. Liz loves Hamilton and recognizes the businesses and citizens of the city on social media under Shoutouts Hamilton. [Twitter](]( Instagram. LinkedIn.


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