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Fringe 2016 Review: It Came From Planet Plaid!

By Arthur Bullock
Published July 18, 2016

Improvised comedy is like mad science - you never know what the result will be. The Plaidiators' latest improvised comedy show, "It Came From Planet Plaid!", is no exception. However, while mad scientists' experiments usually go horribly wrong, the Plaidiators deliver a fantastic performance that will appeal to comedy and science fiction fans alike.

As its name suggests, improv comedy is made up entirely on the spot, using suggestions from the audience - asked for by the host at appropriate moments - to determine the plot of each scene. "It Came From Planet Plaid" deviates from that format by using a singular improvised plotline, which is determined by a series of audience suggestions at the start.

The show is framed as a T.V. broadcast that plays sci-fi b-movies, so each performance is accordingly done in this genre.

The show makes very creative use of its special effects - lights and sound are provided by a two-person tech crew, while costumes and sets are created from a collection of various different props. Most of all, it's just really, really funny; the Plaidiators clearly demonstrate their experience as actors and improvisers.

"It Came From Planet Plaid!" is a notable departure from the Plaidiators' earlier shows, due to its use of long-form improv, but I found their opening night to be impressive. On a personal level, I would definitely recommend multiple viewings, because the experience is going to be different every time.

Arthur Bullock is a graduate of Communication Studies at McMaster University. As a reviewer, he combines his two favourite hobbies: theatre and writing.


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