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Fringe 2015 Review: The Rabbit Done Died

By Paige Louter
Published July 19, 2015

Rose Hopkins' The Rabbit Done Died is a compelling character sketch with great potential for further development. With a hint of a transatlantic accent and demure mannerisms, Hopkins could be plucked right out of a 1950s film, but her subject matter is decidedly more modern.

The framing conceit of the show - that Hopkins is speaking to an invisible listener - isn't quite satisfying, as it results in an unnecessary barrier between Hopkins and her audience. And the logic of this housewife speaking candidly and with volume about her hidden life with a husband in the next room is shaky.

But these are minor faults, and secondary to the conviction with which Hopkins speaks, and the clear emotional investment she has in the story she is telling.

The Rabbit Done Died is a satisfying twenty minutes, and an excellent example of what a good Gallery Mini-Series show should look like. Rose Hopkins is an artist to watch.

Paige Louter is a recent graduate of Redeemer University College, where she received a BA in Theatre and Writing. In the fall, she is heading to the National University of Ireland to pursue an MA in Theatre.


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