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Sustainable Lifestyles Symposium: A Low Energy World

By Ian Graham
Published August 19, 2006

A Burlington group teams with the Sustainable Scale Project of Hamilton to open the eyes of citizen groups, government officials and consumers to dwindling resources.

Preparing for a low-energy world in high-tech times is the thrust of a symposium being co-sponsored by Sustainable Burlington, Green Enterprise Toronto and the Quaker Ecology Action Network.

It runs Aug 20 -25, in Waubaushene ON. Registration $250 for week, $43/day with discounts for seniors, students, and the underemployed. Visit for more details or to register.

Hamiltonians are invited to a residential symposium designed for people who are alert to pending energy scarcity, escalating gas prices, extreme weather, resources wars, and population pressures.

This is an opportunity to clarify your likely energy future and plan a sustainable scale of lifestyle for you and your family. You will experience building of a community of resources and relationships. You will have direct contact with practitioners of reduced energy lifestyles.

The closing session on Friday features Richard Gilbert, author of Hamilton: The Electric City and consultant on urban issues, focusing on transport, energy, waste management, and urban governance. This is a major opportunity to get sage personal advice from one of the most well-informed energy planning professionals in Canada.

The venue is a Quaker outdoor camp near Waubaushene, ON, 30 minutes north of Barrie, 180 km from Hamilton. It is a rustic rural 18 cabin facility equipped with high speed internet and teleconferencing.

Come for five days of education and recreation, August 20th to 25th, or come for a day or two, or as a commuter. Go to the online forum to arrange carpooling.

It's not a gabfest, doomsday wake, or conference hall talkshow. It is access to practical experience, advice, demonstration projects, field trips, and community building skills. We have created a platform for people to learn to scale their lifestyles more in keeping with energy, environment and climate constraints. You construct your most plausible version of that future and start getting ready.

Field trips, demonstration projects on home energy efficiency, local food production, solar energy technology, green business opportunities, intentional community living, transportation. Bring laptops to access internet-based know-how, listen to archived interviews, view films.

Ian Graham is a community chaplain, activist, retired entrepreneur and resident of Burlington. He had 25 years in business up to 2000, then steered himself into a religious education masters degree, asking, What is the future of community and role of religion in that? He is a Quaker, with strong social activist tendencies.


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