Letter: Please Do Not Lose Focus on Revitalization

By Letter to the Editor
Published July 06, 2011

Hello Members of City Council:

I was disheartened to read the comments of Clr. Clark in a recent article published by The Spec. I hope this will not re-open the debate and jeopardise a project that is vital to our city.

Council has been shown studies about the positive impacts of LRT in other cities and the potential for implementing the system in Hamilton. It is my hope that members of council and city staff do not have short memories and forget why we're doing these studies and planning.

Rymal may be an important node, but look at the BLAST network master plan. The rapid-transit line for Rymal is planned for 25 years. The B-Line corridor, the one being planned now, is planned within 10 years.

Please do not lose focus and throw away this revitaliaation plan in favour of pushing development on the fringes of Hamilton proper.

This project is about a greater regional rapid transit network for our future.


Jason R. Nason
"Our Future Begins with Hamilton Today."

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