Municipal Election 2010

Problem With City 'Where Do I Vote?' Website

By Ryan Danks
Published October 25, 2010

I came across some issues with the city's "Where do I vote" website.

It looks like they're just using a giant lookup table of addresses from the last election to figure out where an address votes. So if your address isn't on their list (and a surprising number are not) you get a totally useless error message.

You can get around it by trying the addresses of some of your neighbours. If you're in ward 2, you can use the lookup tool I created for Matt Jelly's website, which is based on geography rather than an address list.

We don't want people not voting just because of limitations to the city's website.

Ryan Danks is a Project Engineer for a wind engineering consulting company. After living in Stoney Creek for many years he and his fiancée are now enjoying all Ward 2 has to offer.


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By HammerStorms (registered) - website | Posted October 25, 2010 at 14:45:29

The Spec website has it listed....sorta. I had to find out where I'm voting through a weather report that had the link to the polling stations (?!?) I entered in my address which linked me to a church near Barton Street (which was surrounded by construction on nearly all sides...roads torn up. Seemed like a strange place to have a vote). Turns out that was the wrong place for me and I was sent to the school to vote.

Wild goose chase. It feels like we're not wanted to vote!

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