Save Some Money!

By Jason Leach
Published February 17, 2006

Once again, downtown Hamilton gets the shaft from council.

In a part of town where medical services such as the Community Dental Clinic are important, city politicians have decided to close the branch on Victoria Avenue North and expand the operations on Upper Ottawa Street.

2,000 visits were made to the north end clinic last year while 2,500 visits were made to the Upper Ottawa branch. Apparently those 2,000 visitors are now being told to cram into an already crowded 'health bus'.

Hey, while we're at, it why don¹t we just demolish all the homes in the north end of the city and make everyone live in a bus?

Imagine all the extra money City Hall could save by not having to maintain services downtown. We could just provide all the essential services right on the bus.

With the extra money, City Hall could really move quickly to fight the Greenbelt Plan and start expanding our sprawling suburbs all the way to Lake Erie.

It sounds like a win-win situation!

Jason Leach was born and raised in the Hammer and currently lives downtown with his wife and children. You can follow him on twitter.


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