Bunker Buster

By Trey Shaughnessy
Published December 20, 2005

The Salvation Army building at York and Bay is being "renovated". What a disaster.

How do you make a brick bunker look worse than it is? Take out the windows. That was my fear when I asked a construction worker back in the summer about what they were doing.

He said, "Taking old windows out, putting new ones in."

It turns out they were bricking over some of the windows and making other ones smaller.

What the hell? We tear down any good buildings in Hamilton and find ways to make the brick shitboxes even worse.

Nice entrance into York Blvd from a renovated Bay Street. Let's see: I pass a strip mall on the northeast corner of Bay, then a nice brick bunker across from Copps Coliseum.

It's just missing a proper welcome to Hamilton sign: "The city where halfway houses neighbour high-schools public libraries, arena/trade centres, and farmers' markets."

I went to the website for the firm that is apparently doing the work I went to the firm's website who apparently is doing the work: It doesn't exist.

Seems fitting.

Trey lives in Williamsville NY via Hamilton. He is a Marketing Manager for Tourism and Destination Marketing in the Buffalo-Niagara Metro.

His essays have appeared in The Energy Bulletin, Post Carbon Institute, Peak Oil Survival, and Tree Hugger.

And can't wait for the day he stops hearing "on facebook".


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