City Leverages Waterfalls

By Jason Leach
Published December 07, 2005

The issue of Hamilton's image is always debated, discussed and dissed.

I've been a big supporter of marketing the heck out of this city as 'The City of Waterfalls,' complete with water features alongside highways, a huge lit-up water feature in the middle of the harbour, and snazzy billboards on the QEW with amazing photos of our scenery.

The following is a press release issued this week by the City of Hamilton. If only we would tell our story to the rest of the country.

Hamilton falls for beauty

HAMILTON, ON - December 5, 2005 - The City of Hamilton is committed to upgrading its infrastructure. Thanks to the funding provided by the Future Fund Board of Directors, the city has recently completed two viewing decks at Mount Albion Falls to be enjoyed by everyone. No matter the season, Hamilton's new viewing decks provide a beautiful location for bridal party photos that can only be rivaled by the bride.

Viewing decks have been located at two levels. The first deck draws you towards the beauty of one of Hamilton's many waterfalls, the other showcases not only the waterfalls but provides an outstanding view of the escarpment as well. Decorative fence line each deck and join the two together. The previous parking lot has been regraded and moved and welcoming pathways, surrounded by planting beds, meander throughout the landscape. It's truly a visually appealing experience.

Interpretive signs will be installed informing residents and tourists alike about the plants and wildlife, geology and cultural heritage surrounding Mount Albion Falls. Historical evidence shows that not far from this area there was a Paleo-Indian site dating back 11,000 years. This area is reported to be the first place that natural gas was discovered in this part of Ontario.

This passive natural area is part of the Red Hill Creek Watershed. Albion Falls itself is located in the upper reaches of the Red Hill Valley at King's Forest. The falls can be accessed by the Chippawa and Escarpment Rail Trails of the Mount Albion Conservation Area, located at the corner of Stone Church and Dartnall Roads.

Through Council's commitment to providing quality services that enhance the community's quality of life, the city was able to enhance this natural beauty for the enjoyment of all. The City encourages everyone to come out stroll the surroundings and learn more about this natural beauty.

We thank you for your co-operation and support while we completed this project.

Jason Leach was born and raised in the Hammer and currently lives downtown with his wife and children. You can follow him on twitter.


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