Reviews - Fringe 2009

I hate Poetry!

By Patrick Brennan
Published July 20, 2009

Dwayne Morgan, Tony Bewick and Leviathan Grant deliver a entertaining hour of poetry and male angst. With humour and playfulness they explore poetry and their own life experience. They may hate poetry but they are lovers.

These guys give us a view into the issues of the day. Race, fatherhood and the self. We now know more than we thought poetry could tell us. I hope you guys get what your after. All fathers deserve nightly praise.

What a show! I would go to see anything they do in the future!

Patrick Brennan is the artistic director of Public Utility Performance. Public Utility Performance wishes to support a broad variety of performance in Hamilton, Ontario and the surrounding area. PUP grew out of Patrick Brennan technical, managerial and design practice. Recent projects span theatre, film and dance in the professional, community and educational arenas. A need for support of site specific and community arts has arisen out of his involvement with the Downtown Arts Centre. PUP hopes to provide dance and performance artists in Hamilton with both the opportunity to develop new skills and explore new areas of expression and design.


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