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This Is The Thing

By Lisa Marie DiLiberto
Published July 19, 2009

What is the thing? That's my question. What is it about? And what is with that bright light and the breathing sound?

I felt uncomfortable in the audience. At some points I thought I was at a therapy session or a sermon. Babblings about truth and beauty and interspersed with a few old songs and childhood stories about Christmas and guitars and then back to an existential moment about waiting with a few pop song allusions.

Fine if you are indeed alone in a room, but when there are people there, it's better to make some sense of it all so we can follow along. A fantastic effort, a strong voice, and a lot of passion, but just nothing to hold onto in this thing.

Lisa Marie DiLiberto is a professional actress and clown and the Artistic Director of FIXT POINT, a theatre company with a mandate to inspire audiences to imagine change. FIXT POINT has a home studio in Parkdale, Toronto but the company has toured original work across Canada, (Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver) to Graz and Vienna in Austria, to the Prague International Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe and the Isle of Whyte (UK). Lisa Marie is a graduate of George Brown Theatre School, an alumus of Second City and has trained in character, mask, vaudeville and clown with Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France. Lisa Marie animates neighbourhoods through her work in community arts where she is Associate Artistic Director for Jumblies Theatre, and the Artistic Director of Arts4All. This fall, FIXT POINT will be producing THE TALE OF A TOWN in studio and then in association with Theatre Passe Muraille in May 2010. FIXT POINT: DREAM BIG, start small...


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By redwinger (anonymous) | Posted July 20, 2009 at 11:41:32

Although I agree with some of your criticism here (esp that the show could have been a bit tighter and more focussed). However, that being said, I felt that there was so much more here that outweighed some of these percieved flaws and felt that the artist (or any person) struggling to find his voice and his own path toward self-acceptance and personal/universal expression resonated deeply for me. The baring of ones soul is often not a "comfortable" experience and I thank this artist for his courage, obvious passion and the beautiful expression of his and our own humanity.


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By fringegoer (anonymous) | Posted July 20, 2009 at 12:04:43

I have to agree with redwinger and comment that I find Ms. DiLiberto's review quite harsh. I wonder if her lack of understanding and discomfort came from a place that she didn't want to visit - one where people, particularly parents, die and often before we've had the opportunity to prove ourselves and our dreams to them. I felt that Jeff Jones struggle with his desire to be his own person, to create his own identy and yet feel accepted and loved by his mother - especially in the harsh light of her imminent death - were almost universal themes in which we might all find ourselves. I know I did. Woven with humour and song and finished with a beautiful and poignant ending I thought this play was a lovely piece of theatre.

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By Fringe Fan (anonymous) | Posted July 20, 2009 at 12:10:08

The review is just plain wrong.

That is all.

redwinger's comment is MUCH closer to reality here.

If you are inspired by passion this is the show for you...

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By Saw it yesterday... (anonymous) | Posted July 20, 2009 at 13:48:16

I saw this show at Theatre Aquarius yesterday afternoon.

I enjoyed it very much.
The show I saw was honest.
It was raw, to be sure, but that's part of the journey isn't it?

At first I didn't know what the light and the sound was either...but I like when theatre reveals itself rather than just telling me stuff.
It's more of an investment that way.
(Besides, If you don't "get" the light and the breathing by the end of the performance, you can't have been paying too much attention...there's even a very direct line about it)

Thanks to Charcoal Sketch for a good show!

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By lisamarie (registered) | Posted July 21, 2009 at 22:19:53

well, if you enjoyed the show - that is a good thing.

but, i personally, do not go to the theatre to watch an artist struggle to find their own voice or path to self-acceptance on stage. i want to be entertained. i want to see someone pretend something so well that i can dream around it...

i suppose it is a difference in style or taste.

but it is an interesting discussion nonetheless...

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