Reviews - Fringe 2009

The Sons of Sisyphus

By Amanda N. Nesbitt
Published July 19, 2009

Playwright Angelo Costanzo writes from personal experience in this story of mythology meets reality in The Sons of Sisyphus. Each character is a convict and each convict demonstrates the gut-wrenching and unnerving way of life within prison walls; far from family, friends and forgiveness.

The play is a series of vignettes of convicts meeting with family or would-be friends. Through this, the audience comes to understand the struggles each man faces with his new way of existence in prison and the unemotional acceptance or deranged hatred of themselves.

The performances were varied in terms of strength of character and delivery. Actors A.J. Haygarth and John Bond give truly raw, almost fanatic performances as criminals who couldn't be more different from one another and how their paths cross will shock and disturb audiences.

Likewise, immersed in this grim universe was director Julian Nicholson who plays multiple characters within the show (for this performance only - Saturday, July 18).

This show is not light and carefree. It hits nerves and doesn't let them relax. The disturbing nature of this show will have audiences having to redefine what it means to survive within self-containing walls, where no one is safe from themselves or others.

Amanda N. Nesbitt is a McMaster graudate with a double major in English/History and a minor in Theatre and Film Studies. An avid writer/photographer, she thrives being a part of Hamilton's theatre/arts movement and has been very active in the theatre community since 2003. Writing for the Fringe marks her third year participating with this amazing group of people that make up the festival and she hopes you enjoy the shows. Thank you for promoting the arts!


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