Reviews - Fringe 2009

Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco

By Tom Mackan
Published July 18, 2009

Written by Gary Owen (abridged from the script published by Methuen Drama)
Directed by Melissa Major
Featuring Andy Cockburn, Lorne Hiro, and Chris Lang

We're in Wales, dear readers. Yes. Theatre sans frontieres - that's what the Hamilton Fringe Festival is, really: theatre without borders. Better, it's the loin cut of Wales we're in, and a fine juicy bit of meat we've got on our plate, too.

Here are three actors playing not only three tasty roles for young males, but a few others to flavour the stew as well. A minimal setting and some appropriate props, a couple of hilarious costume tricks, and we're rolling along on Crazy Gary's mobile disco.

Start with a lad's need to get out of this town. Put up a whole series of character road blocks and hugely funny incidents, and let the pot boil. There's a delicious performance at every phase of the clever lighting plot.

I was thoroughly won over by Chris Lang's wholly and fully realized geek, Mathew D. Melody. Andy Cockburn's bullying, self-admiring Gary is a prize-winner, and the central floating figure of Russell trying to make his get-away is in the confident and skilled hands of Lorne Hiro.

Direction is flawless, the choreography when needed just plain brilliant. Hamilton Fringe needs this kind of theatre and it has come to Hamilton. Don't miss it.


Tom Mackan is Publisher and editor of NEWZY BITZ, an online Community Theatre newsletter in the GHA, with over 200 subscribers. He is a Member of the Board, Theatre Burlington; an actor and director in GHA Community Theatre for fifty years; winner of over 25 awards and citations in the Western Ontario region and beyond; recipient of 2007 City of Hamilton Arts Award (Theatre); a Graduate of Canadian Theatre School (Sterndale Bennett) Toronto, 1955; and a retired teacher of English and Drama in public and private schools in the GHA and abroad.


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By Wolf (anonymous) | Posted July 19, 2009 at 09:02:05

Did you seriously see the same play we did? Flawless? Brilliant? You need your head examined by a proper doctor and pronto.

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By Fringe President (registered) - website | Posted July 19, 2009 at 11:26:08

Whileit is perfectly acceptable to disagree with a review...

Personal attacks on the reviewer only demonstrate ignorance and anger management issues... Perhaps some therapy might help??

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