Reviews - Fringe 2009

Miss April Day's School for Burgeoning Young Strippers

By Amanda N. Nesbitt
Published July 18, 2009

At Miss April Day's School for Burgeoning Young Strippers, anything is possible and actress June Morrow certainly makes the audience believe it.

In this one-woman musical comedy, Miss April Day teaches her unsuspecting students a "how to" lesson in the world of the exotic dancing. With hilarious audience participation, Miss April Day sings, dances and struts her stuff to a wide array of parodies, pop culture references and a self-deprecating sense of herself, which makes us adore her even more.

While laced with playful humour, amusing props and coy sexuality, Miss April Day is also able to distinguish between the fantasies and realities of the exotic underworld, which was surprisingly informative, allowing the audience to sympathize with the struggles that exotic dancers face in the harsh light of day.

Miss April Day's School for Burgeoning Young Strippers may not have your typical "happy" ending but it is definitely an "encouraging ever after"tale. This is a must-see performance!

Amanda N. Nesbitt is a McMaster graudate with a double major in English/History and a minor in Theatre and Film Studies. An avid writer/photographer, she thrives being a part of Hamilton's theatre/arts movement and has been very active in the theatre community since 2003. Writing for the Fringe marks her third year participating with this amazing group of people that make up the festival and she hopes you enjoy the shows. Thank you for promoting the arts!


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