Work and Weight Loss

By Kevin Somers
Published May 20, 2009


I work a lot. A house is work. Pets are work. Work is work. Friends can be work. Parenting is work. Writing is work. Some relatives are endless, tedious work. Staying (relatively) trim is work. Life is work. Work is life. I have to go and work on my wife.

Weight Loss

There's Atkins, anorexia, Berstein, Beverly Hills, bulimia, Cambridge, colon cleansing (gross), Dietwatch, fasting, Herbal Magic, Hydoxycut, hypnosis, Jenny Craig, L.A. Weight Loss, laxatives, Lipoderm, liposuction, Medifast, Nutrisystem, Park Avenue, Scarsdale, South Beach, Slim-Fast, Slimquick, stomach stapling, tummy tucks, and Weight Watchers, but what's wrong with eating less and exercising more?

Fifty is a series of short (50 word) essays by Kevin Somers.

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.


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