Four Times Fifty

By Kevin Somers
Published March 28, 2009


Everyone is crazy. If you put anyone under a microscope long enough, you'd determine they were insane; no exceptions. Normality is a myth. Embrace your crazy, I say. A pox on standardisation. Who sets the standard, anyway? Be suspicious of those who consider themselves worthy of the task. They're crazy.

Veal Children

Numbers don't lie, but people pushing or plying them do. Some figures are easy to believe. I read that children spend four hours a day watching TV and two more on computers. If they were cattle, PETA would stage an epic battle, but no one speaks for the veal children.

Parenting Recipe

I have two children and they turned out well. Raising them has required more time and learning than any PhD, so I'm an expert. It's not that hard. Discipline children early, often, and consistently. (Soon, you won't have to.) Praise, praise, praise. Kisses and hugs, galore. Love, love, love. Enjoy.

The Economy

People who shouldn't get a car loan "buy" houses. Others, who can't afford bicycles, "purchase" automobiles. Everything is made in China. Every city, town, or village chokes on subdivisions. Governments are bloated and inept. Debt rules. The party is over, Canada. It's going to be ugly for a long time.

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.


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