Lister Block

Workers Stripping Heritage Features off Lister Building?

By Mary Louise Pigott
Published June 09, 2008

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According to eyewitness reports, Copper Cliff Metals and Wrecking Corp. is currently stripping the copper and terra cotta heritage features from the facade of the Lister building.

Copper Cliff is owned by Tony DePasquale who is facing charges for having illegally demolished the Dynes Tavern without a permit last year.

DePasquale has a history of environmental protection act violations relating to improper storage of waste from a series of wrecking and waste companies.

Officials in the city's Building and Licensing Department say that the matter has been brought to their attention and they are investigating.

Update: On further investigation, it looks as though LIUNA is not stripping heritage features after all.

Mary Louise Pigott is an armchair urbanist and founding member of the Useful Knowledge Society, whose passion for urban neighbourhoods and public spaces occasionally moves her to write.

You can follow her on twitter at @mlhpigott.

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By everywhere (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2008 at 18:44:31

In this case I suspect that the person charged is hiding something. so now the evidence is gone.
and if this is copper for cash.....(?)

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