Articles from February, 2021

Nestlé Selling North American Water Bottling to an Private Equity Firm
Wellington County, Ontario will be particularly hard-hit by this pending sale, since Nestle currently owns three wells in the area that supply its Aberfoyle bottling plant.
by Doreen Nicoll
Published February 23, 2021 in Healing Gaia (0 comments)

Jolley Old Sam Lawrence
What if we could create a safe path for pedestrians and cyclists from lower Hamilton to Concession Street and beautiful Sam Lawrence Park, which would cost very little to build?
by Sean Burak
Published February 19, 2021 in Special Report: Cycling (0 comments)

Right-Wing Extremism is a Driving Force in Modern Conservatism
Dangerous right-wing extremism has taken over the mainstream of the Republican Party - and the same dynamics are at work in Canada as well.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 18, 2021 in Special Report: Extremism (0 comments)

Municipalities Need to Unite against Ford's Firehose of Land Use Changes
Do Hamilton City Councillors really want our taxpayers to subsidize low-density future growth which will increase pollution, car commute times, impact our emissions and pave over farmland?
by Michelle Silverton
Published February 16, 2021 in Special Report (0 comments)

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