Articles from November, 2011

Buy Nothing Day
Leave your wallet or purse at home, pack a lunch for work, and try a little retail celibacy for a day - you might find you like it.
by Michael Borrelli
Published November 25, 2011 in Commentary (21 comments)

2011 Urban Design and Architecture Awards
The City created this competition 'to recognize and celebrate excellence in the design of our urban enivronment.' Here are the 2011 winners.
by Martin Hering
Published November 21, 2011 in Architecture (30 comments)

Council Should Demand Pan Am Stadium Transparency
What good is it for Council to know the details of the stadium design if they cannot share it publicly or make use of the information?
by Larry Pattison
Published November 17, 2011 in Special Report: Pan Am (71 comments)

The 'Idaho Stop' and Why Some Cyclists Disobey Stop Signs
There's a good reason cyclists want to conserve momentum, particularly when there are no other vehicles around.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published November 16, 2011 in Ideas (46 comments)

The Sadness of Pencils: Art, Ethics, and a Recipe for Baba Ghanoush
Including a shout-out to Paul Gauguin for abandoning his wife and five children for a hedonistic and selfish existence on the backs (literally) of poor uneducated Tahitian women.
by Mark Fenton
Published November 11, 2011 in Photo Essay (16 comments)

The Morning After The Night Before: Post-inaugural Town Hall Blues
Town Halls Hamilton organizer M Adrian Brassington reflects on lessons learned during the first Town Hall meeting, An Evening with Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr.
by M Adrian Brassington
Published November 11, 2011 in Events (9 comments)

The Essential Economies of Cities
If we hope to make good decisions about how to plan and manage our city, we need to understand how cities fulfill their essential role as engines of economic development.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 10, 2011 in Special Report: Creative City (11 comments)

Time to Embrace Proven Good Ideas in Livability
The future will arrive in Hamilton at some point. Do we want to start benefiting today, or do we want to wait another fifty years?
by Jason Leach
Published November 09, 2011 in Downtown Bureau (28 comments)

Stinson Cares
Steeped in heritage while filled with vibrant residents living thoroughly modern lives, Stinson cares. Its residents care about the community, about each other, about the city.
by M Adrian Brassington
Published November 09, 2011 in Events (8 comments)

CBC Digital Plan a Model for Entrepreneurs
From railroads to satellites, the CBC has been with Canada, innovating us into connecting a vast and diverse country. Now they are giving it back to us to connect to one another on our own.
by Lorenzo Somma
Published November 08, 2011 in Commentary (18 comments)

Working to Restore the Core
The Central Neighbourhood Association just held its first public meeting in recent memory, bringing together a room full of people genuinely and energetically interested in using their talents to make things better.
by Theresa Nicholson
Published November 07, 2011 in Events (57 comments)

Durand Neighourhood Association Nears 40th Anniversary
With a long, rich history of civic engagement, Durand Neighbourhood remains committed to advancing a broad platform of community development.
by M Adrian Brassington
Published November 04, 2011 in Events (11 comments)

North End Neighbourhood One of Hamilton's Hidden Gems
Notwithstanding uncertainty around the Barton-Tiffany lands, a number of positive developments bode well for the North End.
by Michael Borrelli
Published November 04, 2011 in Events (9 comments)

Beasley Neighbourhood Discusses Concerns
As in any neighbourhood that does double duty as a centre of business activity while providing a desirable place for people to live out their daily lives, tensions can build over the speed of commerce.
by Michael Borrelli
Published November 02, 2011 in Events (20 comments)

Use of Fieldstone in Southern Ontario Buildings
Stone collected from fields during land clearance was extensively used for building in Southern Ontario, but mainly in the region along the Grand River, settled by immigrants from Scotland and Germany.
by Gerard V. Middleton
Published November 01, 2011 in Architecture (7 comments)

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