Articles from October, 2011

Enjoy The Present Golden Age
You are living a life that future generations may greatly envy.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published October 29, 2011 in Ideas (17 comments)

Exposing the Hidden Subsidies for Sprawl
In her book and upcoming lecture, Toronto-based urban planner Pamela Blais argues that hidden subsidies promote sprawl and penalize the inner city.
by Don McLean
Published October 25, 2011 in Events (37 comments)

Scott Park Seniors' Facility Needs More and Earlier Community Input
Citizens deserve better than to be treated like children when we offer to become engaged in plans that affect our communities.
by Paul Tetley
Published October 24, 2011 in Commentary (22 comments)

Occupying Streets: The Global Democracy Movement Comes to Hamilton
If direct democracy is truly to take hold, it needs to go beyond popular causes of today, no matter how all-encompassing they might seem.
by Undustrial
Published October 22, 2011 in Commentary (24 comments)

No Excuse For Hamilton's Pedestrian Deaths
If a dozen people were randomly shot and killed in Hamilton, the community would go nuts. So why are we so complacent about pedestrians dying on our streets?
by Adrian Duyzer
Published October 22, 2011 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (41 comments)

Hamilton Still Trending Upward
September gave me renewed optimism that my investment in Hamilton might well have been a good one.
by Keanin Loomis
Published October 17, 2011 in Signs of Life (87 comments)

Canada-European Union free trade: What's in it for Hamilton?
There are no jobs in CETA. There are only reduced options for communities like Hamilton.
by Stuart Trew
Published October 17, 2011 in Special Report (8 comments)

Our Unbelievable Mayor
Not only does Bratina change positions as quickly as the wind changes direction but his position appears to change depending on the day's circumstances or the audience to whom he is speaking.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published October 17, 2011 in Politics (22 comments)

Three Ways LRT Can Help Low-Income Households
With a little planning, LRT will improve our city's finances, reduce personal transportation expenditures, improve public health, and create a more livable city for the vast majority of citizens.
by Craig Hermanson
Published October 14, 2011 in Special Report: Light Rail (16 comments)

Brookfield Has a Responsibility to Allow Peaceful Assembly
The Canadian company that manages Zuccotti Park on Wall Street wants to oust the protesters on the pretext of cleaning the park.
by Lorenzo Somma
Published October 14, 2011 in Commentary (8 comments)

Another Push Towards the Tipping Point: Hamilton Civic League and Town Halls Hamilton
A shift in the way Hamilton operates, thinks and acts is entirely possible with enough people working together to make that change.
by Meredith Broughton
Published October 14, 2011 in Commentary (10 comments)

The Impact of Light Rail Transit on Low-Income Households and Neighbourhoods
Research indicates that new LRT lines can improve access to jobs, increase sense of attachment to a neighbourhood, and even reduce obesity rates. These are all highly relevant to low-income households.
by Sarah V. Wayland
Published October 12, 2011 in Special Report: Light Rail (13 comments)

City Council to Vote on LRT Report Thursday
This report recommends continuing scheduled LRT design work, with no final decision to move forward forthcoming until senior levels of government commit to a funding formula for capital costs.
by Joey Coleman
Published October 11, 2011 in Special Report: Light Rail (38 comments)

Building Support for Long-Term Regional Transit Funding
Demonstrating the benefits of real transit connectivity across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area will make it easier for the Province to sell the public on a long-term funding arrangement.
by Daniel Rodrigues
Published October 11, 2011 in Special Report: Light Rail (11 comments)

Liberals Win Ontario Election
The Liberals have won the 2011 Ontario election, but their loss of 17 seats has turned them into a minority government, and there is no question that their political mandate has been substantially weakened.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published October 06, 2011 in Ontario Election 2011 (24 comments)

A Network of Bicycle Superhighways
Balance in our transportation system isn't tough to achieve, but we need to be willing to make these investments and slight changes to the way our city functions.
by Jason Leach
Published October 03, 2011 in Special Report: Cycling (35 comments)

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