Articles from July, 2009

Cirque du Soleil: Alegria at Copps Coliseum
Alegria is a masterpiece of sweeping, operatic live music, interpretive dance, ballet, acrobatics, gymnastics, and stupefying feats of strength, coordination and timing.
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 30, 2009 in Reviews (3 comments)

The Four Efficiencies of Cities
Cities leverage density, scale, association and extension to realize efficiencies and generate wealth. So why aren't we planning our cities to take better advantage of this?
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 28, 2009 in Special Report: Creative City (12 comments)

Paris Old Town Hall: What Future For This Internationally Significant Civic Gothic Revival Masterpiece?
Should the fate of this internationally significant building be left in the balance, or should all levels of government be pro-active in saving this jewel of our architectural heritage?
by Malcolm Thurlby
Published July 27, 2009 in Architecture (5 comments)

Walk Not
Upon visiting my old homestead, I realized that I actually lived quite close to a lot of amenities. It just never occurred to me to walk.
by Darren Kaulback
Published July 22, 2009 in Raise a Little Green (10 comments)

On America's Historic Opportunity for Universal Health Coverage
One day, if you or someone you love needs unaffordable medical care, you'll look back at this opportunity to get universal health care and remember either pushing for it, doing nothing or even actively opposing it.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published July 21, 2009 in Digital Kayak (7 comments)

Album Review: Hunting Ghosts (& Other Collected Shorts) by Library Voices
Library Voices bring tight, skillful musical chops to bear in putting together a more polished sound rich in crisp melodies, complex rythms and interesting chord progressions.
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 21, 2009 in Reviews (1 comment)

A Lesson From Laundry
Our very competence as parents, as employees and as citizens is judged in large part on our appearance - but at what cost?
by Michelle Martin
Published July 06, 2009 in Belonging (14 comments)

The Future of Creative Industries: Openness and Abundance or Innovation-Killing Legal Monopolies?
By collapsing the cost of creating and distributing content, computing and the internet could usher in a golden age of creativity - if only the creative industry can learn to embrace openness as a business model.
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 03, 2009 in Special Report: Creative City (5 comments)

A Blueprint for the NEXT Hamilton
Mayor Eisenberger argues that our new Official Plan will help shape the Hamilton of tomorrow.
by Fred Eisenberger
Published July 02, 2009 in Opinion (30 comments)

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