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Some Somes, Sums, and Always

A poem by Kevin Somers.

By Kevin Somers
Published February 14, 2008

Sometimes you lie down and you sometimes play dead
Sometimes it is late but you're still not in bed
Some people you welcome, but some you just dread

Someone is dying, someone might die
Sometimes you're laughing and sometimes you cry
Some people are low, some people get high

Some things are funny, some things are sad
Some people giggle when others get mad
Some kids have Mom and some just have Dad

Sometimes the weather is your very best friend
Sometimes you wonder, When will it end?
Some people break before they will bend

Some have too little, some have too much
Some fall apart, but some are just clutch
Sometimes the phone rings but you're still out of touch

Sometimes he's nice but sometimes he's mean
Some apples are red and some apples are green
Some guys are dirty and some guys play clean

Some married people are really quite happy
Some aren't at all but their lies are real sappy
Some folks are slobs and some are real snappy

Someone is falling in love right now
Someone is angry and having a cow
Sometimes it's harvest and sometimes you plow

Somewhere somebody is grieving
Someone someplace is leaving
Somethings are sometimes deceiving

Some people are sometimes real funny
Some kickers kick and you know that they're Money
Sometimes it rains, but sometimes it's sunny

Sometimes you're adding and finding some sums
Sometimes you subtract until you have none
But you always keep writing until the poem is done

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.


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