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The CBC should have been interested in Hamilton years ago.

By Letter to the Editor
Published April 14, 2005

I just read the story about the CBC in Hamilton. Very interesting. I just finished writing my undergrad thesis here at Mac, and it was about the future of cbc radio, so it was really cool to see others who've taken an interest in the topic. A friend of mine, who is a recently semi-retired host of a show on radio 1, passed along this comment:

"The thing about CBC and Hamilton... the CBC should have been interested in Hamilton years ago. There was a period back in the 70's when Boris Brott was active in the city and the CBC took notice then of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.

"The leading artistic leaders have either given up on the CBC (I can certainly see how that might happen). I wonder if this is typical of other CBC locations. For example, does CBC Montreal explore what's going on in other parts of Quebec. I know that in Nova Scotia CBC Halifax gets out of the city and really makes an effort to find things to do, especially in Sydney Nova Scotia, but it's all local stuff. Nothing gets to the network.

Sadly, if funding is the issue, Hamilton is likely to be ignored in favour of broadcasting in Northern Ontario. But you're right; people should be talking to the CBC about 'Ontario Morning'. They're vastly underfunded and most of the work is done via the telephone."

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the work that Raise the Hammer and the Centre for Community Study is doing. Last summer, myself and a few other people here at Mac started a project to explore Hamilton in terms of transportation/economic development and the "creative class". Our funding died too early, but it's great to see that other people are discussing the issues.

Matt Chamberlain-Thompson

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