Word on the Street for April

Here's what's been going on here, there, and everywhere in Hamilton this past month.

By Ben Bull
Published April 14, 2005

Word On The Street

Well, it's been another busy week in the Hamilton activist community. Trivia nights, meetings, more meetings, and erm, well even more meetings - and the Raise The Hammer crew were all over it! Like those heavily scripted and painfully untalented "reporters" on City TV, we're everywhere!

Here's what been going on here there, and everywhere in Hamilton this past month.

Tivoli Woes

Let's start with something that hasn't happened. At press time, there are still no takers for our historic Tivoli theatre. Sadly our special RTH Tivoli Edition did not elicit any takers for the last of our old time auditoriums.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to get an email from the man who plugged local hero Bob Young into the Ti-Cats. Unfortunately it was only to tell us, "I'm out of multi-millionaire friends that are from or interested in Hamilton."

What will happen now? If anybody has any ideas - or any friends! - please tell them to check out our Special Edition and hurry up and save our Tiv.

James St. Buzz

Now let's get positive! What's with all the buzz around James Street these days? Tiv or no Tiv it seems like we have another Locke Street revival on our hands. Here's a snippet of what's going on along this grand old thoroughfare:

Red Hill Defence Fund

The Red Hill Defence Fund raised $2,723 at their Trivia night on Saturday, April 9th. St Paul's church in Westdale was packed to the rafters with people who had nothing better to do than answer completely irrelevant questions all night.

Yeah that's right, I was one of them.

Fortunately, the Vicar was nowhere in sight, which is just as well as he might not have appreciated all the blasphemy and swearing going on at my table, in, erm, my chair.

Well who the hell knew that the Cheviot Hills were on the English/Scottish border? Not me, that's for sure. Any why the hell should I be expected to answer all the 'English' questions?

On the subject of Red Hill Tree Sitters - can someone please remind me why we are wasting good taxpayers money suing these people? Ah yes, I forget - this is Hamilton. Hmmm. Congrats to Tina De-Clemente and Angelo for a great night!

Plant a Tree

Speaking of environmentalism - why not plant a tree on April 30th? What's that? You have better things to do on a Saturday? Ah yes, I do believe Man U are playing Fulham that day, Hmm. that's a tricky one. Well, maybe we can get back for the second half, then? Yes, that will do it.

Come early and meet Raise The Hammer, Environment Hamilton and councilors Dave Braden and Brian McHattie as we get down and dirty saving our environment and getting our first bit of exercise in months. Enjoy the company, the fresh air, and the free beverages.

Don't know where we're planting them yet. Hopefully not along Burlington Street.

Check out or contact and sign up. Please bring a shovel (and a telly so I can watch the game - Thanks).

Downtown Happenings

When you're alone and things are getting you down you can always go, erm. I forget the rest. But suffice it to say that things is heating up in the downtown! Here's a quick run down on the ups and downs in our soon to be hip and happening favourite neighbourhood:

That's it for now folks! (sincere look into the camera. like my new haircut?) So, until next month (walk purposefully towards the camera), thanks for joining us! (oops - dropped my clipboard). Our name is Raise the Hammer (bend over to pick up clip board, ouch, bang head on camera), and we are (camera topples over. ) erm, Everywhere!

Please send all rumours, innuendos and sexist jokes (just kidding! -Ed) to us at and we promise to re-cycle, I mean read them all. Thanks.

Ben Bull lives in downtown Toronto. He's been working on a book of short stories for about 10 years now and hopes to be finished tomorrow. He also has a movie blog.


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By Steeltown (registered) | Posted None at

Man I wish they could announce Lister Block redevelopment now! It's driving me nuts.

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By Brendan (registered) | Posted None at

Oh man, I'm giddy with anticipation about the Lister Block (which takes some of the edge off the Tivoli mess). I absolutely love this site. Thank you all for keeping us up to date. You rock!

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By thompsmr (registered) | Posted None at

seriously, this is my new favorite page on all of RTH. you guys are awesome

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By Steeltown (registered) | Posted None at

Lister Block redevelopment has been approved!!

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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted None at

Yup. No more Lister rumours required! Overall I would have to say I'm very happy about the whole thing. I don't think there ever was going to be a Cinderalla ending. I hope now that the City gets serious with delinquent landlords, takes stock of the heritage buildings we still have left, and starts pushing their secondary plan with the energy it needs. The next stage in downtown renewal needs to be 2-waying the roads and getting the buses out of Gore. Hopefully council will see that this 30 mill is an investment and not a one time charitable donation to the downtown. In order to propoerly manage their 'investment' they will need to move onto the next Phase. Let's all get gunning for Gore Park! Give the people back their public spaces! (Revolution anyone?)

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