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A poem by Kevin Somers.

By Kevin Somers
Published April 10, 2007

Words are special
And shouldn't be wasted
Great words include Lampooned
Bamboozled, Lambasted

Words can be funny
Words can be kind
Words can be trouble
If you speak your mind

Words can cut
Words can heal
Words can't express
The way that I feel

Some words are silent
Some words are heard
Bird, Kurd, blurred, third, spurred, and nerd
All rhyme with Word

Use your words
My mother said
But words never stopped
A punch to the head

Words can make you rich
But words can leave you poor
Sometimes a kind word
Is the very best cure

Words wrote the screenplay
Words write the script
Words well put together
Keep you well gripped

Words wrote the letter
Words write a book
Words well put together
Work well as a hook

Words wrote the poem
Words write a play
Words well put together
Compel you to stay

Some words are common
Some are obscene
With lungs, brain, and tongue
They're part of a machine

Words can inspire
Or make you real mad
Words can't do justice
To the fun that we've had

Words can move mountains
Words can make rhyme
Words have put folks in prison
For a long, long time

Words set you free
Words get you hitched:
"I do" to a padre or
"Yes" to a pitch

Words can be good
Words can be rotten
Words can't say
The words I've forgotten

Words can be simple
Or quite convoluted
Too many words
Make pages polluted

Words are just thoughts
Bouncing through air
In hope that the listener
Happens to care

Words announce birth
Words speak of death
On the wing of your words
Escapes your bad breath

I love words
For all that words do
With these words I ask
Do you love words, too?

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.


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