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You Should(n't)

A Poem by Kevin Somers

By Kevin Somers
Published March 19, 2007

Advice that comes unsolicited
Is often prefaced, You should
Like, You should stop smoking
If only you could

You should never have started
What were you thinking?
You shouldn't stop quitting
Just cause you're drinking

You shouldn't gamble
And you shouldn't swear
You should watch where you're going
But you shouldn't stare

You should get lots of rest
And exercise
You should cut out red meat
And you should never tell lies

You should move to the burbs
It's nicer out there
You should look for a job
And cut off your hair

You should sit up real straight
You should brush your teeth well
You should put ice on that thing
In case it should swell

You should shut up and listen
A lot of the time
Cause you really should hear
What's on their mind

Just as you shouldn't
Play with a gun
You shouldn't smoke crack
Though it sure sounds like fun

You should get up real quickly
When you've been knocked down
You should check out the number
And pay back the clown

You shouldn't play dirty
But hard, fast, and fair
You shouldn't think twice
And you just shouldn't care

You should listen to music
That speaks to your soul
You shouldn't fret about things
That you can't control

You should go to church
You should pray before bed
You should think about things
That go on in your head

You should watch your weight
And you should watch the sky
You should cross your heart
And hope to die

We should be grateful
For every meal
Cause we can't imagine
How the hungry half feel

You shouldn't (do) speed
As you shouldn't do Coke
If you chew well your food
Then you shouldn't choke

You should listen to Mother
You shouldn't listen to fools
You shouldn't drink beer
And use power tools

You should check out the woman
Standing right there
You should check out her husband's
Menacing glare

You shouldn't start something
That you can't end
Like a poem or prayer
For a dying friend

You shouldn't be morbid
You should be polite
You should know when to bow out
And know when to fight

You should learn how to whistle
You should learn how to wink
You should never tell another
What you think they should think

You should talk
You should know
You should stay
I should go

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.


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