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The End of Poets, Poetry, and a Poem

A poem by Kevin Somers.

By Kevin Somers
Published February 26, 2007

(Inspired by the Women of Waterbridge book club)

I'm not one to go back in time
But for heaven's sake bring back the rhyme
Here's a secret everyone knows
Poetry without rhyme is prose;
Himalayans anyone can climb

Excuse me, poet, you may not know it
Or maybe you just don't show it
But my time is precious, too
Let's not waste it all on you
So, please, get to the point, poet

No one wants a cryptic pout
Then hours trying to figure it out
"Poetry" is pleasure for everyone
If it doesn't make sense then it isn't fun
Ask a child if you still have doubt

So keep it simple, my poetic friend
Simple enough that even I comprehend
And remember levity is always a hit
And brevity is the soul of wit
As you work your way to The End

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.

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By Puck (anonymous) | Posted February 28, 2007 at 16:49:53

Your admonitions are clear
To those choosing to hear
But to the artistic effete
Alas, you rant at concrete.

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