Municipal Election 2006

Ward 10

Candidates describe the five most important actions they would take to improve Hamilton.

By RTH Staff
Published October 20, 2006

Keith Beck

1. Create a separate property management and development company, owned by the city, to manage and develop city owned lands with an economic purpose and have that base take over the funding of economic development for the city. This would give us our own actor in the private sector to pursue developments that the community wishes. Necessary for brownfield redevelopment and renewal of older urban areas.

2. Create an office in the adminstration of the City solely to pursue greater efficiency and effectiveness of government services. Right now, department managers are responsible for this, but they lack the support internal expertise would give them in pursuing this goal. The best way to avoid the pressure for drastic cuts in the future is to look for efficiencies on an ongoing basis.

3. Promote life-lease condiminium development as infill projects across the lower density neighbourhoods of the city. Life-lease is when you buy the use of the unit for the rest of your life,instead of the unit. By marketing this option to homeowners who have finished raising their families we can get more of those homes on the market.

4. Have the city owned property company regularly increase the stock of new housing for low-income households. For the of our neighbours who live below the low-income cutoff, the best thing we can do to improve their circumstance is creating new housing that meets their needs and fits their budget.

5. I really would like to investigate a light-rail transit system across the north-end of the city. Running from approximately McMaster or Dundas in the west to the Stoney Creek employment lands in the east. Along one transit corridor we can link residential, shopping, employment, education and recreation. This would also create the transportation backbone to see higher-density new development in the older parts of north Hamilton.


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