Municipal Election 2006

Ward 11

Candidates describe the five most important actions they would take to improve Hamilton.

By RTH Staff
Published October 20, 2006

Joseph Baiardo

1. Increase Community Participation in the decision-making process by establishing local community councils (relevant to each community in my Ward 11 - Winona, Binbrook, Mt. Hope).

2. Attract Industrial Commercial Businesses to our Airport lands and our North Glanbrook Industrial business Park by recommending to establish a Special Projects Office ( Similar to our Downtown redevelopment) in order to work with the community councils and bring a concerted and balanced focus to the development. (Naturally, this is to increase the Industrial commercial tax base, as our residential taxes are, I believe, the highest in the nation).

3. Improve tourism to Hamilton by recommending a pooling of budgets to strengthen the 'Tourism Hamilton' department rather than spending $2.5 million on a tourism hut next to a highway.

4. Bring a focus to Council on youth by developing policies that will enhance accessibility for children and youth to access recreational programs and improve the safety of our neighbourhoods through proactive planning.

5. Provide the (policy governance) leadership and diligent representation for my Ward that will save taxpayers money rather than cost the City hundreds of thousands of dollars due to irresponsible and inappropriate actions.

Sergio Della Fortuna

1. Ensure that all expansion be supported by sufficient comprehensive infrastructure. Growth's primary concern should be people, not political gain.

2. Too many of us have been marginalized by the growing cancer of corporate politics. I promise to make my time in office completely transparent, to work tirelessly to open government to the people and the democratic process.

3. I will do everything in my power to increase civic pride, burnish our city image and set a strong, hopeful path for tomorrow.

4. I believe that we must do the right thing and not the popular, politically expedient thing.


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