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Two Poems

Kevin injects a little class into the RTH oeuvre with a pair of poetic paeans.

By Kevin Somers
Published September 20, 2006

Taking On the White House

Bombs, guns, words
Many opinions and ways to show it

What is the truth?
And how does one know it?

Well, if you reap violence
You probably sow it

So it's not for the righteous
But those well below it

The biggest of cowards
Are the ones who now crow it

Bush and DICK Cheney
Should bloody well stow it

They hid during 'Nam
And now we all know it

The row was too scary
So they wouldn't hoe it

But now each has a trumpet
And is anxious to blow it

And whether it's oil or blood
They're eager to flow it

So they made up some lies
And their flunkies all wrote it

Then they lead the free world
Against the one just below it

And staged a great war
And had CNN show it

But what is all that
Against the pen of a poet?


(Inspired by a bookseller)

Scary mayory Larry
Not my kind of guy
Whenever he is talking
I assume that it's a lie

It isn't real democracy
When the process isn't fair
He should be The Defendant
Instead of Mr. Mayor

But our country has no balls
So Larry goes unscathed
Say Goodbye to all that's green
'Cause soon it will be paved

Timidity and apathy
Have given him a hand
Now Larry and his buddies
Are ruining the land

The price we pay is steep
As is our learning curve
But when we voted Larry!
We got what we deserve

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.


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