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Four Fifties

Four fifty-word poems.

By Kevin Somers
Published September 27, 2017

Like This

It's fun to write
But writing takes time, which is tight
So, rarely does paper meet pen

That's the reason
That's the rhyme
In my mind, at least
I write all the time

Sometimes, to get my kicks
A fix
A hit of Bliss
I'll do a 50, like this

Why Try?

Why did the bee try?

Your wings are too tiny for flight
Came the cry
You'll die
I'm afraid

Are you talking to me?
I ain't afraid, said the bee
And he took to the sky
Boy, could she fly

Now, the bee feeds the world
That's why
You try

The Easy Path To Success

Get back in the saddle
Reload and re-aim
Go back to the battle
Get back in the game

Have another crack
Take another swing
Try a new tack
Conquer that thing

Get back on your feet
Do it lickety-split
Do not consider retreat
And never, ever, ever quit

That's it

Divine Intervention

Determining whether God exists
Is a quest which turns and twists
I don't know much, but I know this

In bed I laid
And prayed and prayed

When morning came, I swear to you
My prayers had come, miraculously, true

No school today
Hip-Hip Hooray
Praise the Lord

Kevin Somers is a Hamilton writer.


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