Telling Tales Festival 2016, Westfield Heritage Village

Reading envelops the mind in worlds outside of one's own experience or knowledge, and this celebration of reading was a joy-filled and brilliant event.

By Margaret Lindsay Holton
Published October 05, 2016

I had the good fortune of attending my first Telling Tales Festival this past September 18 at Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton. What a joy-filled and brilliant event this is!

The Festival convincingly engages and entertains on multiple levels, all geared toward developing and encouraging interest in literacy for youngsters. The focus is story-telling at its very finest.

A good book gives so much more than just a story. Converting a child to a reader in this current age of screen dominance is, seemingly an uphill battle. But as author Dr. Daniel Coleman rightly explains in this video, literacy can open a child's imagination in ways unimaginable by just vision-based content.

Reading creates complex synaptic associations that build the groundwork for future constructive and creative thinking. It envelops the mind in worlds outside of one's own experience or knowledge. All told, a good book nurtures a profound love of the essential code of language - words.

What follows are my own impressions from my first visit to this heartwarming Festival, which is in its eighth year. It's like nothing I've seen or heard before. I truly wish Telling Tales would spread nation-wide like wildfire.

Much credit must go to the Festival founder, Susan Jasper, a woman with a clear and well-developed innate literate vision - and Kudos to the whole Telling Tales team!

A mid-career Golden Horseshoe artist and author, Lindsay is available for commissions and assignments via 'mlhpro' at 'hotmail' dot 'com'. See samples at


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