Special Report: Light Rail

Community CarShare Statement on Light Rail Transit

The car-sharing co-operative supports LRT as 'an essential part of a complete sustainable and active transportation system'.

By RTH Staff
Published July 27, 2016

Community CarShare has released a public statement of support for Hamilton's light rail transit (LRT) plan. Arguing that LRT is "an essential part of a complete sustainable and active transportation network", the support message states that LRT reduces "transportation costs, traffic congestion, and air pollution" with improved transit.

Community CarShare, Hamilton's non-profit carsharing co-operative, is joining the growing list of local businesses and organizations in support of light rail transit.

As an organization which promotes transportation alternatives to the privately-owned automobile such as carsharing, cycling and transit, Community CarShare supports LRT in the City of Hamilton. Providing light rail transit service in Hamilton will provide citizens with better access to active and sustainable transportation options and help reduce car dependency. Transportation costs, traffic congestion, and air pollution will all be reduced with better transit, thus improving our community.

"With significant funding in place from the Provincial government, it is time to move ahead and bring light rail transit to Hamilton," said Janet MacLeod, Executive Director. "LRT will provide strength to a more complete transportation system, which will allow more citizens to reduce the burdens of car ownership."

Light rail transit is an essential part of a complete sustainable and active transportation network that supports the many citizens impacted by the rising cost of driving.


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