Nightlife is the Key

Creative people, who will determine the success of cities, demand thrilling activity.

By Letter to the Editor
Published March 18, 2006

A lesson that I have learned in my experience with urban politics is that, even if a city has world-class museums, sports stadiums, theatres and institutions, if there is nothing exciting to do at night, creative people will not settle there. Creative people, who will determine the success of cities, demand thrilling activity.

I know countless people who, as soon as Friday night rolls around, will come to Toronto and stay there all weekend because that's where the clubs and parties are. What Hamilton needs is more nightclubs than just Fever. If there are noise ordinances, abolish them. If there are barriers to opening a club or bar, remove them.

As soon as the young people get enough money, they move out of Hamilton to Toronto because that's where all the fun is. Make Hamilton fun!

Kevin Bracken

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By adrian (registered) | Posted March 20, 2006 at 02:26:29

I am fond of clubbing, and although the music can be a bit cheese at times, Sizzle, in Hess Village, is the place to go in Hamilton these days. I went on a Saturday night a few weekends ago and had a wicked, wicked time. I have also heard good things about some of Pepper Jack's nights. If you want to go clubbing in Hamilton, you just have to look a little harder than you do in Toronto. But when you find the party, it's a PARTY.

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