Special Report: Bus Lane

Bus Lanes Supports Cleaner Air

I'm grateful for the opportunity to use a transportation option that is better for the environment in which my family and I live.

By Joshua Weresch
Published January 12, 2015

I am a Hamiltonian born and raised and living in the neighbourhood of Centremount with my wife and two daughters. As a songwriter and a supply teacher with the public school board, I use public transit daily to move from our home to my current teaching location, Sherwood Secondary.

It's a short trip southbound on the 21 Kenilworth bus, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to use a transportation option that is better for the environment in which my family and I live.

Of course, there are many more automobiles on the road than buses. But I hope that, with continued investment in public transit – whether by the continuance of the King Street bus only lane or by the full diversion of the federal gasoline tax revenue to public transit and away from roads infrastructure – that picture will change.

The bus-only lane is a testament, of sorts, of the city's commitment to caring for its citizens by improving the city's air quality. It puts the benefits of a more complete street, a street on which all manner of traffic can co-exist, above the purported benefits of the lane's absence.

According to Clean Air Hamilton, transportation is the leading cause of nitrous oxide emissions, volatile organic compounds, and carbon monoxide in the city. Imagine how clarifying our city could be if the volume of automobiles was reduced.

I look forward to Council's time and attention in these regards. In sum, please continue to keep the bus-only lane operational and expand investment in public transit outward from that point.

This article is adapted from a letter to Council.

Joshua Weresch lives in the neighbourhood of Centremount with his wife and daughters. He tends vegetables, writes songs and sings, and is only beginning to care about community.

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By AS (anonymous) | Posted January 12, 2015 at 14:01:36

Good and very important points. Thanks Joshua.

I just sent email below:

Dear Honourable Mayor and Councillors,

As a Hamilton resident and tax payer, please accept this letter as an expression of my strong support for the King St. Transit Only Lane to continue with the modifications proposed in the staff report. In fact, I would be happy to see the lane extended even further as the report indicates is one option.

I have asked Councillor Collins on two past occasions to kindly share his ideas on alternative options with respect to how to spend the promised provincial funding for Hamilton’s rapid transit, but have not yet received a response. However, I would be interested in hearing an alternative to the LRT plan from any Councillor opposed to LRT so I can assess its merits and offer support for or against it.

I believe it is fine to argue LRT is not tenable option for financial reasons, but with the promise of funding and funding going towards other cities in the meantime, it is irresponsible to not have a plan B with respect to our transit needs. Status quo will not work, nor is it in keeping with the City’s stated vision.

Once again, I urge you to please consider the said staff report along in the context of the present and future needs of our growing City. Thank you.


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