Parking Should Be Free

An RTH reader argues that free parking downtown would encourage more people to come downtown.

By Letter to the Editor
Published January 27, 2006

Just wanted to send along my congratulations on the site.

I am one of those Toronto refugees who came to Hamilton in search of a community in which to raise my family. I found it in Westdale, although the downtown core continues to concern me. I had a membership at the Jackson Square Family Fitness for a few years, until I could no longer bear the parking tickets.

In my first year in Hamilton, I received more parking tickets than I did in 10 years of driving in Toronto. How can it be that the city punishes visitors to the struggling core by having only one hour meters on York Street. Visit the library or the market, and get a parking ticket!

Frankly, to encourage people to come downtown, parking should be free, and get rid of the dollar stores. They are the poison pill of society.


Keith Stinson,

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By sean (registered) | Posted None at

I think you can park for free in the "Eaton Centre" parking tower (the last time I was there, the first hour or two were free). They may have changed that recently though -- I haven't brought a car downtown in quite some time (bike parking is always free!)

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