James North Supercrawl 2012

The fourth annual James North Supercrawl happens today and tomorrow on James between King Street and Murray Street.

By RTH Staff
Published September 14, 2012


Today and tomorrow, James Street North will celebrate Supercrawl 2012!

A high-watermark of Hamilton's cultural renaissance, Supercrawl started in 2009 as an outgrowth of the monthly James North Art Crawl. A celebration of music, art and community, Supercrawl has grown steadily from its rainy start in 2009, drawing 20,000 people in 2010 and over 50,000 last year when it coincided with the Locke Street Festival and the Canadian Country Music Fan Festival.

Supercrawl 2010 (RTH file photo)
Supercrawl 2010 (RTH file photo)

This year's event showcases 50 bands, 40 art galleries, 15 visual art installations, several film screenings and dance/theatre performances. Earlier this summer, a "pop-up show" on James North featured performances by Supercrawl performers Terra Lightfoot and Said the Whale.

Said The Whale performing in front of the Tivoli on James North (RTH file photo)
Said The Whale performing in front of the Tivoli on James North (RTH file photo)

James Street North will be closed to automobile traffic between King Street and Strachan Street on Friday evening and all day Saturday.

GO Transit is providing special Supercrawl service on Friday and Saturday, including Toronto-bound trains that will leave Hamilton GO station at 12:20 AM after Friday and Saturday nights.

View James North Supercrawl 2012 in a larger map

You can also install a free mobile Supercrawl App for Android and iPhone, featuring the full map and schedule of events.


Schedule - Main Stages
Date Time Tivoli Stage King James Stage Colbourne Stage
Friday 7:00 PM     Wax Mannequin
  7:15 PM      
  7:30 PM      
  7:45 PM      
  8:00 PM     Young Rival
  8:15 PM      
  8:30 PM      
  8:45 PM      
  9:00 PM      
  9:15 PM     Zeus
  9:30 PM      
  9:45 PM      
  10:00 PM      
  10:15 PM      
  10:30 PM     Said The Whale
  10:45 PM      
  11:00 PM      
Saturday 12:00 PM Hamilton Suzuki School of Music Highnote Ramblers Ania Z
  12:15 PM      
  12:30 PM     B.A. Johnson
  12:45 PM Tribe MayaFire    
  1:00 PM   Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra  
  1:15 PM Cadenas - Flamenco Dance Troupe    
  1:30 PM      
  1:45 PM CA Smith
  2:00 PM Dawn and Marra Of Gentlemen and Cowards  
  2:15 PM      
  2:30 PM      
  2:45 PM Tanya Davis (at 2:50 PM)   Simply Saucer
  3:00 PM   Hamilton Children's Choir  
  3:15 PM Elk    
  3:30 PM      
  3:45 PM     Kestrels
  4:00 PM   Bombino  
  4:15 PM Julie Fader    
  4:30 PM      
  4:45 PM     Rococode
  5:00 PM   Terra Lightfoot  
  5:15 PM Tonya Kennedy    
  5:30 PM      
  5:45 PM     Mystery Machine
  6:00 PM   Rah Rah  
  6:15 PM Dearly Beloved    
  6:30 PM      
  6:45 PM     Eamon McGrath
  7:00 PM   Born Ruffians  
  7:15 PM The Gertrudes    
  7:30 PM      
  7:45 PM     Hollerado
  8:00 PM      
  8:15 PM   --  
  8:30 PM   --  
  8:45 PM New Hands --  
  9:00 PM   Great Lake Swimmers Change of Heart
  9:15 PM      
  9:30 PM      
  9:45 PM Sianspheric    
  10:00 PM      
  10:15 PM     Owen Pallett
  10:30 PM   K'naan  
  10:45 PM Chore    

Watch for a surprise event at 8:15 PM in the Circus Orange Event Area, corner of James and Wilson Street.

Schedule - Busking Stages
Date Time Gore Park Robert Street
Saturday 12:00 PM Crystalyne  
  12:20 PM    
  12:40 PM Trevor James  
  1:00 PM   The Caretakers
  1:20 PM Nixon  
  1:40 PM   Trevor James
  2:00 PM Brendn  
  2:20 PM   Rococode
  2:40 PM Dearly Beloved  
  3:00 PM   Ania Z
  3:20 PM Eamon McGrath  
  3:40 PM   Tonya Kennedy
  4:00 PM Marcio Novelli  
  4:20 PM   Highnote Ramblers
  4:40 PM    
  5:00 PM Ania Z (at 5:10 PM) Julie Fader
  5:20 PM    
  5:40 PM The Caretakers (at 5:50 PM) Great Lake Swimmers
  6:00 PM    
  6:20 PM Keek (at 6:30 PM)  
  6:40 PM   Erin Passmore
  7:00 PM Time Giant (at 7:10 PM)  
  7:20 PM   Kendal Thompson
  7:40 PM    
  8:00 PM   Keek
  8:20 PM    
  8:40 PM   Christopher Cape
  9:00 PM    
  9:20 PM   Meredith Shaw


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[ - ]

By kdslote (registered) | Posted September 14, 2012 at 09:33:41

I believe York/Wilson is also closed from Bay to Hughson (Saturday only I think).

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[ - ]

By Frankenrogers (registered) | Posted September 14, 2012 at 10:18:29

The charts are great guides thanks. We have some friends from Toronto we're trying to convert into Hamiltonians coming down Saturday. We almost have them and I think SuperCrawl will push them over the edge.

Shameless plug but if you like Rockabilly/Roots or just HamOnt Rock in the vein of Teenage Head, Florida Razors etc, my brother '57 Trevy and his band Burnin' Ethyl will be at the Baltimore House at 330p.

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[ - ]

By Kevin (registered) | Posted September 14, 2012 at 23:42:02

If supercrawl doesn't convince your friends to move here, try taking them B & T at Park and Cannon. I'd move for their veg pad thai.

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By Ezaki Glico (anonymous) | Posted September 15, 2012 at 08:47:51 in reply to Comment 80937

Are they open? Last I saw they were under renovation.

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By Kevin (registered) | Posted September 15, 2012 at 10:31:18 in reply to Comment 80941

Hi Ezaki: We ate there last night and I'm finishing the left-overs, as we speak; couldn't be finer.

Comment edited by Kevin on 2012-09-15 10:32:57

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By jond (registered) | Posted September 15, 2012 at 08:13:13 in reply to Comment 80937

Be sure to give Pho NV (at 52 Canon W) a try, as well. I've been to a lot of the Vietnamese restaurants in Hamilton (and Toronto) and they're at the top.

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By Kevin (registered) | Posted September 15, 2012 at 11:21:35 in reply to Comment 80940

Thanks, we'll try it, fur sher.

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