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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted March 20, 2014 at 11:26:12 in reply to Comment 98711

If you cyclists

That's your problem right there. Cyclists aren't a different breed of person. They're just people who decide to use a bicycle for a given trip. Someone who is riding a bicycle right now might be walking, or taking transit, or even (gasp) driving at another time, depending on the trip and the circumstances.

When the city makes it more safe, comfortable and convenient to ride a bicycle on a trip, more people will choose to ride a bicycle for more trips. It's really that simple.

When more people take more trips by bicycle, that results in less air pollution, better public health, and longer-lasting public infrastructure (since bicycles don't cause wear and tear on the roads). It also results in more money spent locally, which improves neighbourhood retail and attracts more new local businesses.

When cycling (and walking, and transit) infrastructure improves to the point where a family can move from owning two cars to owning just one, that means a lot more disposable family income, of which more is spent locally, further improving the local economy.

In addition to the boost in the local economy, streets that become safer also become more attractive, and that also helps boost property values.

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