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...we were in a hurry.

I understand my friend.

As for soils, it's now clear that they're as large a source of carbon emissions as industry. Careless tilling or exposure to sunlight causes the humus (carbon) in soils to break down and offgas, which not only pumps the atmosphere full of CO2 and methane, but also seriously depletes their ability to grow things.

Humus is actually dead skins of the soil's microorganisms and not correctly identified as strictly carbon. Although I totally agree with regards to careless tilling and over exposure of agricultural soil, you make no mention of our existing and diminishing forests and their condition. Nobody wants to talk about "acid rain" anymore, you'd think IT just went away. The truth is the rain is like vinegar with a dash of Fukushima nowadays. The acids in the rain have leached most of the essential trace minerals from the soil that both plants and animals depend on for healthy vigorous growth. A lack of minerals is what seriously depletes the soil's ability to grow things.

A serious effort at sequestering carbon in our topsoil's could take our atmosphere back down to levels seen around the beginning of the industrial revolution, not to mention doing wonders for farmland.

I cannot agree more Undustrial Alex. The problem is that a mineral deficient soil produces weak and spindly, mineral deficient animals and plants. We must feed the microorganisms in the soil first because they provide the nutrients (humus) that plants digest and in turn, through their fruits and vegetables, that animals and humans ingest.

A sick soil will not sequester sufficient amounts of carbon in the plants (trees) grown therein. Only a healthy soil can reproduce Eden. Which is why I hammer rocks into powder and then sprinkle them in my garden. I don't have time to wait for glacial soil restoration, which takes 90,000 years to complete, once IT begins.

PS - I wish to acknowledge my non-supporters at St Joe's, HHS's and others whom I won't mention (because I've done the research just in case you were wonderin') for their continued childish propensity for down-voting my nutritional commentary. Clicking on an arrow is kinda cowardly and IT is a pity they are too blind to see the plain and simple truth I try to share, to improve the health of my city, because I truly care.

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