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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted May 03, 2012 at 10:57:01 in reply to Comment 76415

Hey Alex, when I bumped into you the other day in the alley you didn't even introduce me to your partner and baby. What's up with that buddy?

How much worse does this have to get before we acknowledge the obvious?

The climate change we are experiencing is a direct result of soil mineral depletion and a natural occurrence (there have been 5 in the last million or so years) as we move from the interglacial (current epoch) into the glacial (next ice age). Warmer mid-latitude temperatures move atmospheric moisture to the poles which precipitate as snow. Eventually the albedo affect of snow-pack will lower earth's temperature which leads to more snow-pack and growing glaciers. Glaciation is the means by which the earth remineralizes the soils from which all life depends for good health. The planet is sick or in other words, the earth has gotten a cold and what we are experiencing are hot flashes.

The CATCH editor and the Hamilton 350 group are seriously misguided in their efforts to con-front this climate change phenomenon. There is only one way to prevent the coming ice age and that is with a massive global soil remineralization project, nothing else will have any affect. Mankind has accelerated our move into glaciation by perhaps a few hundred years but our burning of fossil fuels cannot even begin to compare with the pollution levels of burning boreal forests and volcanism's perilous dearth that is verily upon us.

GAIA has begun to remineralize because we have not done IT yet. Unfortunately, her methods are very unpleasant.

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