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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted June 19, 2011 at 11:03:21

DR 15 15 100%

I have avoided this discussion because I am not familiar with this intersection. Nevertheless, there is a pedestrian controlled stop-light near my home at Ottawa Street North and Dunsmure that I consider an essential safety feature for pedestrians around here.

This light is used by grade school children walking to and from school or the neighborhood playground, people of all ages using the YWCA and patrons of the original Tim Horton's across the street from the original Canadian Tire. At certain times of the day this intersection can go haywire; Ottawa Street North is used by many shift workers from Main Street East through Burlington Street and quite a few shoppers visit the BIA so if I may be discrete, I'm very happy to say.

For myself, as a healthy able-bodied middle-aged male walking a dog who zig-zags and holding his taught leash in one hand while balancing two extra large coffee in a flimsy fibre tray in the other, I find the signal an indispensable bother. This is especially true when I need to make a quick getaway because this Timmies seems to attract dozens of dog-walkers, some of them balancing flimsy fibre trays too and on many occasions carrying donuts or a bag of dreaded doo-doo. What would you do? I gotta go and the faster the better because my dog's sniffer is a real go-get-her! I cannot wait for the traffic to clear while my dog yanks me to sniff another dog's rear.

Will council support a vote for walkability? I certainly would if IT were pup to me.

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