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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted May 19, 2011 at 09:49:59

adrian says:

we ought to be celebrating our industrial heritage...We ought to be proud of it and celebrate it...we can ameliorate (that) shame while at the same time celebrating the industries that helped build this city.

I agree, let's celebrate and what better way is there to celebrate industry than by being industrious? We should... wait a second, who in the hell is we? The RTH we is little more than a collective ideology. The RTH we is an aggregate assemblage of an agreeable group of writers and philosophers, essentially a stand-alone do-little noun when what we really need are more verbs running around.

Verbs are the action words that animate a thing as in: We must take action. I am tired of listening to songs without traction, I wanna sing for our coming attractions!

What will we bring to this participaction? I wish to be part of some-thing big happening here in Hamilton, a moving part. No amount of talk gets the physical work done although IT is a great place to start. But the we is stuck, IT has nothing to do; IT sees what needs to be done but just sits here in glue.

The we says, "do this" or "fix that" but the we never leaves the comfort of the chat. The we doesn't get their hands dirty, the we just appears to be busy.

I am industrious, but an unfortunate series of events had left me nearly penniless. I cannot make anything big happen without help. Help is the action word that lends new meaning to the wee self. I have something to share (that's another action word there) because I care, with plenty of action to spare.

Matt, you have a great idea but IT is a huge undertaking. Why not start with a smaller brownfield or derelict building that requires little or no city planner tinkering? They haven't got a stinking clue, they have cornered the market in sticky glue.

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