Comment 59827

By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted February 15, 2011 at 20:49:56 in reply to Comment 59816

basically censorship of a warm kind

Except that it's not censorship of any kind. Censorship means I can control or limit what you are able to see. That simply does not take place here, with the exception that we delete obvious spam and obvious insult-spam.

your default setting is 5 for graying out to become total (right?)

That's the default for anonymous readers who are not logged into RTH user accounts. If you register an account, you can set the default to whatever you want, or disable it entirely.

That is they do exactly the opposite of what you intend.

No, what I intend is for people to be able to register their disapproval of inappropriate comments.

And when just about the highest possible score is in the 30s, that means almost nobody is following your scheme.

It is entirely normal in online systems for participation by a variety of measures to follow a Zipf distribution. I'm not surprised to discover that RTH is no exception to this general rule.

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