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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted July 15, 2009 at 23:17:39

I think it is a great idea to revitalize stagnate properties in our city's economically beleaguered neighborhoods. And I also believe Robin Hood was always found in the company of some very merry men.

"This logic is often alluded to in Hamilton's public discussions of land use and urban sprawl, though it's unclear that it actu- ally informs planning approval processes in a meaningful way."

I disagree on the clarity part, not the logic. It is crystal clear where the money is being spent and where preferential treatment is supplied. But if those with influence become weak in the knees, and I don't mean just Mayor Fred E's decision to flip-flop for fear of fees, then our fair city's gonna spread itself out too thin. And IT will continue to fall prostate within.


If you're going to "inform planning approval in a mean- ingful way," you've got to have a lobby. Raising the hammer on this board is little more than a hobby.

So who's got cash to go wining and dining? Or to post the groups green fees, arrange tee-offs and timing? Who's got the bread for half-baked surveys and studies or to buy box seats for them business buddies?

Tell me that and we'll get down to brass tacks Otherwise we're just a bunch of grassrooted cracks No one will take serious organic bike riding geeks We're not in drag or a Jag so they won't bear us peeps

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