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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted August 17, 2019 at 10:12:19

My initial reactions were that this post is more appropriately filed under EXTREMISM rather than HEALING GAIA and I wonder which nursery sold that Queen Anne's Lace?

Anyhow, a truly yet unruly form of naturalization is one where the land is left fallow. That is when it is allowed to produce what it will without human intervention. It is unruly because the vast majority of residents in Burlington, who can afford the high cost of real estate and high property taxes, appreciate their neighbours maintaining prim and proper landscapes and keeping their homes in good repair. These actions by their neighbours ensure that property values remain unusually high in the immediate vicinity. Any property and therefore any property owner that does not adhere to this standard is viewed as unruly and could be considered EXTREMIST. By-laws are enacted that create and enforce these standards for the good of all residents.

My riding mower has six settings from 1 to 6 inches and I feel that an 8 inch maximum is very generous. Paul, if he were an intuitive individual, could find ground covers that do not exceed 8 to 12 inches in a growing season. If flowers are desired, Adonis and Aster are a good choice. If a simple low-maintenance covering is sought, Spurge is a good choice. However, if Paul wants the neighbours to like him, then he should plant Creeping Bent and buy/borrow/rent a push mower to keep the front lawn trimmed but hold your breath while you mow; We cannot emit too much excessive CO2, can we? All green life be damned.

I have milkweed, lots and lots of 6 to 8 foot high milkweed in my BACKYARD. Milkweed produces exquisite pink blooms for about two weeks in early summer that absolutely rivals lilacs with their soft warm aroma and of course, they attract swarms of Monarchs. But milkweed produce many pods per plant that burst open in late winter filling the air with thousands of seed that travel all over the neighbourhood. These neighbours in turn must increase their herbicide applications in an effort to kill these WEEDS, which Paul clearly is opposed to. Monarchs be damned.

If Paul wants to be a real thorn in the neighbourhoods eyes, propagate bull thistle. Gold finches love this thistle and everybody LOVES gold finches with their cute little songs. Or plant stinging nettles, these will make city workers think twice about trespassing again, but may cause the city to dose the property with agent orange in the future. I know Paul would not like that.

Now what about those "animals" that "spread" seed? What animals exactly? Coon, possum, skunk, rabbit, chipmunk, squirrel or field mouse, mole and rat? Any one of these critters can in it's own right rile even the friendliest neighbour when they get out of control. You cannot simply naturalize an entire environment from a small city parcel unless you and all your neighbours get out and let nature take its course. See the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters for examples of this.

I recommend HEALING GAIA in the privacy of your own BACKYARD. Keep the illusion of high property values and the necessity for high property taxes alive and well in your FRONTYARD. Do not HATE your neighbours with your EXTREMISM. Make them like you by pretending you are like them. When a nail sticks out, we RAISETHEHAMMER and knock IT back down.

Thanks for sharing.

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