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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted July 26, 2018 at 09:38:17

Hamilton is not a bicycle culture whereas in the Netherlands, it is. Perhaps this is because petrol costs $2.50/litre in the Netherlands and $1.30/litre in Canada or roughly double. I also didn't see any bicycle locks in that sea of two-wheelers in the Netherlands photo. Why is this? Are there no bike thieves in the Netherlands because stealing is frowned upon? There certainly are bike thieves in Hamilton! How many parents are going to purchase a $100 bike lock to protect a $60 child's bicycle?

In this region of Ontario it has also become increasingly risky to even walk on the sidewalk let alone bicycle, with traffic, on the street. Heck, it is even life threatening to sip latte in a street side patio in Burlington.

Automobiles come with rear view mirrors as standard equipment, not so for bicycles; These are considered aftermarket as are bells, lights, helmets, knee and elbow pads. Most cars are even fitted with storage trunks and glove boxes from the factory but you have to buy your own bike rack, saddle bags or a basket to make the bicycle safer and more efficient as a viable mode of consumer transportation.

As far as I know there is no law which prohibits texting and riding a bike but this would be next to impossible for most kids. And we all know what many kids do while they are walking, paying little attention to the world around them while they squint and tap on that tiny keyboard.

Times have changed since I was a school age tot. All my friends and I had and rode ours bikes everywhere, without helmets and complete absence of bike lanes. We would clothespin playing cards to our spokes and race. We would setup ramps and play Evel Knievel over a slew of Matchbox cars and HotWheels. Most kids today don't even leave the house. It is easier to see the screen indoors on the couch.

However, we are heading in the right direction. Gas in the US is about 55 cents per litre in Canadian dollars (about $1.69US/gallon) while in Canada, it is more than double. Our schools are closing in favour of the new SuperSchools, which means there will be greater distances to travel, although we will probably bus our children to these distant institutionalized camps. I suppose most children would opt for the bus ride because this would give them extended text time, indoors on the couch.

So sad, riding bikes ain't as sexy or macho as IT used to be, with the banana seat, three speed at the crotch and a sissy bar.

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