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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted March 20, 2018 at 16:04:29 in reply to Comment 122613

I don't understand this idea of protecting harbour views by forbidding towers taller than 30 storeys. It just seems entirely arbitrary, given the innumerable variations in angle and direction, depending on which direction you're looking.

This afternoon I did a sanity check and checked out our skyline from several vantage points along the brow: at the top of Wentworth Stairs, Sam Lawrence Park, and the Claremont Access near West 5th. The tallest is Landmark Place, which is 43 storeys in height and can be seen toward the right side of this photo:

Downtown skyline from Sam Lawrence Park

Of those locations, I believe only place where it would even be possible to see the Television City towers is from the side of the Claremont Access. Here is my best estimate as to how the towers would look from that vantage:

Downtown skyline from Claremont Access with Television City

Again, for comparison you can see Landmark Place on the right side of the panorama.

As for the comparison to Manhattan farther up this thread, the shortest of the 113 tallest buildings in that borough stands 183 metres tall, 58 metres higher than the taller tower in Lamb's proposal.

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