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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted October 30, 2017 at 14:13:50 in reply to Comment 122072

They are emotional calculations since your identity is threatened by anything that threatens automobile supremacy by introducing a bit of balance into our transportation system. The actual data do not support your existential angst.

Aside from Bay Street, Dundurn (skinny painted bike lanes), Wentworth (skinny painted bike lanes) and Ferguson ("bike friendly" with no dedicated infrastructure), there is no cycling infrastructure on any other north-south streets across the downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods:

Locke, Kent/Pearl, Queen, Hess, Caroline, Park, MacNab, James, Hughson, John, Catharine, Walnut, Sanford, Gladstone, Burris, Fairleigh, Holton, Proctor, St Clair, Sherman, Garfield, Fairholt, Barnesdale, Carrick, Spadina, Melrose, Prospect, Leinster, Balsam, Connaught, Gage and on farther east.

Bicycle ridership in Hamilton has been increasing gradually as the city has gradually added dedicated infrastructure, and it will continue to grow with this introduction of this important north-south connection. Ridership on Cannon Street has been growing steadily since the cycle track was added, and automobile traffic is actually flowing more smoothly now than it was before.

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